EU prepares prayer rooms for Indonesian students

EU prayer room

THE European Union (EU) has prepared worship facilities such as prayer rooms for Indonesian students keen on taking up studies at European universities, either through scholarships or bearing their own expenses.

“We support some facilities such as prayer rooms, halal food, transportation, and shelter for the Muslim students who want to undertake studies in Europe,” EU Ambassador to Indonesia Olof Skoog noted here on Thursday (6/11).

According to Olof, the facility was provided, so that those who lived or studied in Europe could focus on their task at hand without worrying about finding places of worship.

Olof Skoog

Olof Skoog

“We have prepared a few things to entertain the guests who come to Europe,” Olof remarked.

As the EU is providing an opportunity to visit the continent by offering scholarships, so the supporting facilities are being developed in order to attract more students.

Meanwhile, an alumnus from France Dwi Setyowati, who received scholarship, confirmed that the facilities provided to Muslim students have increased.

“Recently, the European universities established prayer rooms on campuses, so that the students could concentrate on their studies,” Dwi noted.

She pointed out that Halal food was widely available on campus, so the food choices of the students could be ably catered.

“There is a lot of Halal food available. I suggest that you have to cook in a bid to save money,” she added.

In 2014, the EU cooperated with renowned universities by offering thousands of scholarships through varied channels.

Thu, 6 November 2014


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