Islamic bank assets grow by 30 percent

Julkifli Marbun

ISLAMIC bank assets continue to grow by 30 percent per year though the total contribution to total banking assets is still five percent.

Director of Bank Syariah Bukopin, Riyanto said the growth of Islamic banking assets in range of 23-30 percent per year, while conventional bank was only 10 percent.

However, the contribution of Islamic bank is only 4.9 percent of all banks in Indonesia because conventional banks have accumulated a lot of assets of 2,000 trillion IDR, while the total assets of Islamic banks were only 200 trillion IDR.

“Thus, Islamic banks cannot compete head to head with conventional banks due to unbalanced number of assets,” Riyanto said recently.

The Islamic banks keep growing in line with assets. In addition, the number of customers and market shares increase.

According to Riyanto, Islamic bank needs a blueprint, which must be updated every year. There are three growth targets, namely the optimistic growth, moderate growth and pessimistic growth.

“The optimistic growth is above 30 percent, moderate growth (20-30 percent), and pessimistic growt (below 20 percent),” Riyanto added.

However, the blueprint is now constrained due to the transition takeover issue of banking supervision from Bank Indonesia (BI) to the Financial Services Authority (FSA).



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