Brunei Court orders community service for teenage thief instead of 7 years imprisonment

Syazwan Sadikin

A TEENAGE girl who was caught shoplifting at Times Square Shopping Centre was ordered to undergo a probation and community service, instead of serving a jail term.

At the Magistrates’ Court, Siti Fauziah pleaded guilty to all three theft charges, which carry a jail term of up to seven years with an unspecified amount in fines.

The court document states that the 19-year-old was brought to the police station on October 31 when a security guard at the shopping centre found stolen wristwatches and contact lenses on the defendant

The police then searched Siti Fauziah’s residence and recovered a red Puma wristwatch belonging to another kiosk at Times Square.

In her mitigation, Siti Fauziah told the court that she is the eldest of seven children and started part-time work to support her family after she stopped schooling. The teen added that she stole because she liked the items’ colours.

Delivering her verdict yesterday, the presiding magistrate Azrimah Hj Abd Rahman said rehabilitation is appropriate in this case after taking into consideration that the offence took place in a short time, the minimal value of the items, its recovery and that the defendant had sought to redeem herself.

The court further ordered the Probation and Community Service Unit to draw up the documents to determine whether the defendant is suitable for probation and community service. Siti Fauziah is currently released on bail pending a further mention on December 23.

The Brunei Times
Wednesday, November 26, 2014


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