MUI issues edict on homosexuality

mui homo
C83/Satya Festiani

INDONESIAN Council of Ulama (MUI) issues religious edict or fatwa on gay, lesbian, sodomy and molestation. The Indonesia’s top Islamic body stated that the fatwa was based on recent sexual harassment cases in Indonesia.

“Islamic law is build based on five principles, in which one of them is to protect dignity and offspring,” Secretary of Fatwa Commission of MUI, Asrorun Niam Sholeh, said on Thursday, January 15. MUI, he said, had the responsibility to respond the issue.

Asrorudin Niam

Asrorudin Niam

MUI had a long discuss on the issue, especially on sodomy and homosexual. In Islam, a legal way to channel sexual desire is through marriage of man and woman. “We have seen many cases of molestation, rape, sodomy, and homosexuality. Finally on December 31, we as fatwa commission agreed to issue edict on the matter,” he said.

The fatwa says that sexual intercourse can only be done by married couple, which is a man and a woman. Secondly, the fatwa says thaat sexual orientation toward similar gender or homosexual is abnormal which has to be cured.

Thirdly, MUI states that sexual intercourse between similar gender is haram. Those who commit such behavior will be punished.

Fourth, sodomy is haram and the subject will be punished by had. Fifth, homosexual partners who commit sodomy is haram and will be punished using takzir. “Takzir is a kind of punishment based on laws, while had is punishment based on Koran and Hadist,” he said.

The fatwa also rules on molestation toward children with similar gender. The subject will be punished using both had and takzir, as well as sentenced up to death. Meanwhile, a subject who commits rape will be punished using takzir. Lastly, legalizing homosexual and other abnormal sexual orientation is haram.

Thu, 15 Jan 2015


2 thoughts on “MUI issues edict on homosexuality

    • Hi, James.
      I think this is not a kinda of hate. This is a call for humankind to live in natural way: Man should like woman and vise versa. Thus, the existence of human being will keep exists.

      Best regards,

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