The Burning Europe

charliemagepaIkhwanul Kiram Mashuri

WHAT really happen in several countries in Europe? France’s Charlie Hebdo magazine was being attacked. About 12 people were murdered, including a Muslim police — out of two police who were killed during the attack.

The Moroccan-born Muslim police is Ahmad Murabith, 42 years. In the footage, his foot was shot. When he tried to get up, an attacker confronted him and shot him right in his head. He fell and died in the place.

Few days later, a gunman took a number of hostages n Jewish kosher supermarket Hyper Cache in Vincennes, Paris. The gunman and four hostages were killed during the police raid.

A day after Charlie Hebdo attack, British Intelligence Agency, MI5, warned that Al Qaeda militants in Syria were plotting attacks to inflict mass casualties in the West. The aim is to create massive casualties similar to what they have killed in World Trade Center, New York, US in 2001. Al Qaeda killed nearly 3,000 people.

“The often attack transport system or iconic targets,” Head of MI5 Security Service, Andrew Parker, said.

Few days before in Germany, or Dresden to be exact, up to 18,000 people attended a rally with the Anti-Islamic Pegida (Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West). The rally has spread to Munich, Berlin, Tostock, Wurzburg, Dusseldorf and Bonn.

The racial rally was responded by another group which defends Muslim community in Germany. With similar number of people, they upstaged a rallt in Dresden, Berlin, Cologne, Stuttgart, Muenster and Hamburg. Fortunately, the two groups didn’t clash.

Islamophobia or hatred towards Islam, Muslims or of ethnic groups perceived to be Muslim appears in other countries in Europe. Besides France and Germany, the attack towards Muslim and its facilities happened in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, and others. Several mosques were attacked and burned down.

With two bloody events in Paris, the tension emerges in Europe. Europe is burning. Distrust and suspicion even develop in citizen of Europe, especially towards Muslim.

In Belgium, al Sharq al Awsat reported that Muslim, especially female who wear hijab, are afraid to go outside of their house. They are afraid that stangers will attack them. “The Charlie Hebdo attack increases Islamophobia in Belgium,” Sheikh Muhammad at Tamami, the imam of Masjid al Hamidin in Anderlecht, Belgium, said. Anderlecht is predominantly Muslim neighborhood.

In France, the attack towards mosque and other Islamic facilities is rising since Charlie Hebdo attack. So in other European countries.

Then, who takes the advantages of the attack towards Charlie Hebdo and hostage in kosher supermarket? Muslim clearly doesn’t take the advantages. So does government and citizen in Europe. European countries, such as UK, France and Germany is democratic, secular, tolerant and supporting freedom.

That is why, President of France Francois Hollande and German Counselor Angela Merkel must neutralize the attack towards Charlie Hebdo and anti-Islamic rally in order not to become inter-religious conflict. “The attackers of Charlie Hebdo in Paris are not related to Islam,” Hollande said. “The rally is conducted by people who do not respect diversity in Germany,” Merkel said.

Those who take the advantages from Charlie Hebdo attack and the burning of mosques are radicalism and extremism groups. Radicalism and extremism are ideology. Ideology which allows any ways to reach a target. The action that justify any means gives birth to terrorism.

In Europe, the radical and extrimist come from both Muslim and non-Muslim. The cause varies. In German, for instance, about 18,000 people who attented anti-Islamic rally were furious due to economic downturn. They are disappointed as they cannot compete with Muslim immigrants. They are racist. They may also hate the behavior of hardline Islam which cause terror everywhere.

Radical and extremist also appear in Germany. They maybe small in number, but they inflict losses to 3 million of Muslim in Germany. The 3 million Muslims who lived in peace among 80 million of German citizens. German, likes any other people who live in the world, knows that radical Muslim like Al Qaeda, ISIS, Jabharu an Nasrah and others poses terror everywhere.

The attack towards Charlie Hebdo in Paris surely will raise Islamophobia in the West. The attack that killed 12 people brings more harassment towards mosques in France and other European countries.

We condemn terrorism conducted by any body from any group. Not only for the attackers of Charlie Hebdo, but also for those who publish the magazine.

Charlie Hebdo which has insulted Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and Islamic symbols several times is also a terrorist. They are terrorizing the faith of Muslim. And also other parties such as anti-Islamic rally in Germany.

Freedom is important. However, it must be followed by responsibility. A responsibility to avoid hatred and anger. Responsibility to create peace in the middle of pluralistic people.

In this frame, we must fight radical and extremism. They are our enemy.

Sat, 17 January 2015


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