Cosmetic gold tooth is haram: MoH

Big picture: Gold teeth
Aaron Wong

INSTALLING a gold tooth for purely cosmetic purposes is forbidden in Islam, according to a recent publication by the Department of Dental Services of the Ministry of Health.

The 57-page question-and-answer book, which was launched yesterday, said the use of gold is only allowed in dentistry under strictly medical reasons, or to replace defective or lost tooth or teeth.

“The ruling (for both sexes) is that it is permissible on the basis of a qisas, a permissibility of using a golden nose in place of the original that was cut off or amputated,” said the book, which used references from the State Mufti Department.

The book stressed that it is also haram for other alterations to be made to a person’s set of original teeth on a purely cosmetic basis.

“If the alteration is done on medical grounds or to conceal one’s outward defect then the ruling is that it is permissible,” the book said.

“It is also forbidden to fill up the gap between the teeth with gold because of the element of wastefulness and self-conceit,” it added.

The book, entitled “Islamic Perspectives in Oral Health”, contains three chapters, each touching on the topic on oral care, dental treatment and dental maintenance while fasting.

The Brunei Times
Thursday, April 30, 2015



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