Ahmadiyah Member Protested for Holding Prayer in His Own House

Raymundus Rikang and Yolanda Ryan Armindya

RESIDENTS of Bukit Duri had protested Diantono, a member of the Ahmadiyah congregation, at Jalan Bukit Duri Zoom in Tebet, South Jakarta, yesterday. They asked Diantono and his congregation members to not hold prayers at his house.

To prevent any kind of commotion happening, the Jakarta Metro Police scrambled tens of officers to guard Diantono’s house. “To monitor and supervise the conditions,” said National Police spokesman, Commissioner Muhammad Iqbal, yesterday.

Diantono had also been protested by neighbors recently when Ahmadiyah members conducted Friday prayer at his house last week. Residents of Bukit Duri came to his house with banners rejecting Diantono and his whole Ahmadiyah activities. They asked Diantono and congregation members to join Friday prayer together with other neighbors in the local mosque.

Harun Arrasyid, 48 years old, one of Diantono’s neighbors, said that the neighbors never questioned Diantono’s faith. “Embrace any faith you want, because religion is the right of every person,” said Harun, yesterday.

During the five-year stay there, said Harun, his neighbors also never questioned their social relationships. Diantono’s children mingled with other children every day. “They play as usual, no matter what his belief,” he said. However, the neighbors protested Diantono recently because he held religious activities of Ahmadiyah followers in his home. The members of the congregation members were not even the residents of Bukit Duri. They had been worshipping at the second floor of Diantono’s house.

“If you want to worship God, let us do it together in the mosque,” said Harun.

Headman of Bukit Duri, Mardi Youce, also asked Diantono to comply with the Three Joint Decree of the Minister for the Ahmadiyah. According to Mardi, the agreement prohibits Ahmadis to worship in houses.

Monday, 15 June 2015



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