‘King of Dangdut’ Rhoma Irama Launches New Political Party

Leo Jegho


RHOMA Irama, the ‘King of Dangdut’, on Saturday (11/7) declared the establishment of a new political party, Partai Idaman, with Idaman being the abbreviation of Islam Damai Aman (Peaceful and Safe Islam). The party aims to wipe out the widespread negative stigmas about Islam and islamophobia.

“Partai Idaman aims to present the face of Islam in an open way. We want to make such an appearance because we will wipe out islamphobia which has been prevalent in Indonesia. (We want to end) the negative, terrorism side and so on,” Rhoma said in his official statements to mark the formation of the new party, beritasatu.com reported. The event took place at Raden Bahari Restaurant in South Jakarta.

Rhoma lashed out at politicians who tend to hide their identity as Muslims. “Show to the international world that Islam is not terrorist, radical, and racist. Islam is a tolerant religion,” the former executive of United Development Party (PPP) said in his statements.

Ironically, in 2012, Rhoma was reported to provoke people not to vote for then Joko Widodo and his running mate Basuki ‘Ahok’ Tjahaja Purnama in that year’s gubernatorial election. Speaking to an audience in West Jakarta, he said Jokowi had Christian parents while Ahok was Chinese and Christian.

In 2013, Rhoma Irama was among several figures proposed as presidential candidates from the National Awakening Party (PKB), for the 2014 election. Other candidates included Jusuf Kalla and Mahfud MD.

If Partai Idaman wishes to take part in the 2019 legislative election, it is obliged to fulfill a number of requirements stipulated by existing laws:

  • It has to be formed by at least 30 Indonesian citizens who are at least 21 years old or who are already married
  • At least 50 Indonesian citizens jointly register the political party with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights
  • It has chapters and management boards in all provinces, and at least in 75 percent of all the regencies/cities in each province. Also the party’s chapters are formed in at least 50 percent of all the sub-districts in each of the regencies/cities.

10 political parties participated in the 2014 legislative election. They were among the 34 parties which had fulfilled all the lawful requirements set by the General Election Commission (KPU).

Earlier this year, two new political parties were declared publicly by their founders. They are Partai Solidaritas Indonesia (Indonesian Solidarity Party) and Partai Persatuan Indonesia (Partai Parindo). Both parties are in the process of obtaining official recognition from the government.

Partai Solidaritas Indonesia is currently led by 32-year old Grace Natalie, who is a Chinese Christian and former journalist and  television presenter. Meanwhile, Partai Perindo was declared by businessman-turned politician Hary Tanoesoedibjo, who is also a Christian Chinese. He is a former top executive of Partai Nasdem (Democratic National Party).

The Jakarta Globe
Mon, 13 July 2015




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