Said Aqil elected chairman of NU

nu Said-Aqil-Siradj-antara

KH SAID Aqil Siradj was re-elected as Chairman of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) for the second period, on Thursday (6/8). He leads NU for 2015-2020 and was not chosen by voting.

In the election, there were two names that qualify as candidates of chairman, namely KH Said Aqil and KH As’ad Ali. KH Said got 287 votes, while KH As’ad got 107 voices. Acording to the rules of the election, the candidates should be supported by at least 99 voters.

However, after the results were announced, KH Sa’ad stated that he was not willing to be NU leader. Because of that, KH Said was immediately confirmed as Chairman of the NU.

Besides the two names, there were also other names that qualify to be candidates, namely KH Solahuddin Wahid or Gus Solah who got 10 votes, KH Hilmi Muhammadiyah with three votes, and other five names who got one vote.



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