Ministry of Religious Affairs launches Quran with 9 local languages translation, dictionary

khatmil quran


MINISTRY of Religious Affairs launched a Quran with nine translation of local languages and a Dictionary of Religious Terms. The launch was conducted by Minister of Religious Affairs, Lukman Hakim Saifuddin.

“Hopefully with the launch of a translation of the Quran, the communities who are still using local languages, ​​can understand the contents of the Quran,” said Lukman, Wednesday (3/12).

The Quran has been translated into nine local languages. The first phase covered the launch of translated Quran in three languages, namely Minang, Javanese with Banyumasan dialect, and Dayak language.

Translated Quran in local languages, Lukman added, was more specifically intended for people who did not use Indonesian language as an everyday language.

In addition to facilitate the people who still used the local language, local language translation of the Quran was also an effort to preserve endangered languages.

“This is also a form of intellectual level that could touch all levels of society in Indonesia,” he explained.

The Ministry also launched a Dictionary of Religious Terms. This dictionary consisted of religious terms that included six official religions, namely Islam, Catholic, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, and Confucian.

Dictionary of Religious term was launched to minimize misunderstandings meaning in religious terms. There are approximately 9,000 words in this dictionary.

Friday, 4 December 2015


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