A Response on The Trinity – Christian Doctrine in Islamic Context

Loving God & Neighbors

By: Norani Abu Bakar (04/28/2011)

Muslims and Christians have engaged in centuries of polemic on the divinity of one true God. This paper summarizes and reflects on the course reading materials and the content of the lectures that are relevant to the doctrine of Trinity according to Islamic context.

Some scholars, who claim that Christians and Muslims worship the same God, justify their stance through Quran texts (e.g. 29:46 and 42:15)[i]. Others, like Cumming, reaffirm the claim on this commonality by agreeing with al-Quran texts that refute heretical, sect Christians such as Barbaraniyya and Collyridians, for worshipping Mary (e.g. 5:116)[ii] and for tri-theism (e.g. 4:171 and 5:73).[iii] Cumming also highlights that these texts do not explicitly speak against the doctrine of Trinity, and he justifies this by pointing to the Arabic word used to forbid the worship of a non-monotheist god in 4:171b and 5:73 as…

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