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Islam in Indonesia can be traced back to the 7th century when a Muslim tomb was found in Barus in the western part of Sumatra Island. Islam was spread in the archipelago through commercial and cultural ways. Muslim communities then were created in some areas. A number of Islamic kingdoms emerged since the 11th century and faced new challenges and struggled when the European colonialists come to the archipelago. Islam still survived up today in the country because many Muslims have been ready to sacrifice themselves as ‘syuhada’ not only for the existence of Islam but also for the independence of the country througout the history.

Now, Muslim community in Indonesia is the largest in the world. Many attractive developments and features of Islam in Indonesia may be regarded as the primal contributions to the development of Islam in the modern world.


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  1. Hi there,
    Thank you for taking the time to stop by and check out my little corner of the blogosphere and the follow, your support is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to seeing more from you 🙂

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    • I should express my gratitude to you, Mr Nicolaus, coz I didn’t ask your permission to post your articles.

      I posted them coz they are in line with this blog’s mission.

      Thank you very much.

      Best regards

  2. There is a new book called ‘Biblical Mullahs – Discovering True Islam Beyond The Myths’ that claims that the name Muhammad is not written in the Quran. It also says that the Five Pillars of Islam are debunked by the verses of the Quran. That they are fake.

    ‘Biblical Mullahs – Discovering True Islam Beyond The Myths’ at


    Here is a brief introduction :

    A book like this has never been written before. As the title suggests Biblical Mullahs exposes the mullahs as purveyors of long forgotten biblical and Jewish beliefs that have nothing to do with the Koran – despite the mullah claim that the Koran is their Holy Book. The book provides irrefutable evidence from the Koran and the mullahs own teachings that the two really have nothing in common.

    Killing apostates, stoning adulterers to death, destroying statues, wearing hijab for women, polygamy and many other mullah teachings are not stated in the Koran at all. They are all plagiarised from the Bible. The relevant Bible references are clearly provided.

    The book uses verses from the Koran itself to demolish the mullahs Five Pillars Of Islam. The Five Pillars which consist of the Shahada, the five daily prayers, the religious tithes or zakat, fasting in the month of Ramadan and the pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia are all fake. The Shahada comes across clearly as an act of shirk or blasphemy.

    The book also argues convincingly using verses from the Koran that “heaven and hell” are biblical concepts which are not found in the Koran and which do not exist in reality. It also explains clearly what exactly are the ‘Garden’ and the ‘Fire’ that are stated numerous times in the Koran. The book also drops a huge bombshell when it proves from the Koran that the name Muhammad is also not found written in the Koran at all.

    This book is a must read for both Muslims and people of other religions and faiths. The Muslims need to read this book to understand why they will never live in peace and prosper in this world. They are not obeying the Koran. Instead they are obeying old Christian and Jewish teachings which are not even followed by the Christians and Jews anymore.

    Non Muslims need to read this book for the same purpose – to understand that the Muslims will never be able to live in peace or prosper as long as they uphold outdated Jewish and Christian teachings from the Bible and ignore the very simple Islam that is taught in the Koran.

    • It is important to really understand the Arabic language to understand the Quran.
      Arabic is the most efficient language in the world, especially when it comes to the precise statement of laws. Since the Quran is a Statute Book, it was crucial that such laws must be clearly stated. Allah chose Arabic for His Final Testament because of the obvious reason that it is the most suitable language for that purpose. Arabic is unique in its efficiency and accuracy.
      Taken from http://www.quranalone.com/the-quran/appendices/appendix-4.php.

      Most of the beliefs regarding Islam are 100% false.
      These false beliefs have been spread over centuries by the mullahs, all of them belong a sect (sunni, shia, wahabists, etc.).
      In the Quran there are no sects and no hadiths, the only reality is Allah. Without Him nothing exists. It is important to understand that.
      We live because of Allah, He created everything, manifest to our senses and non manifest.
      He controls everything, even the tiny dust, the sea waves, our breathing and the volume of air we inhale and exhale, any though we have He knows it, absolutely nothing escapes from His attention and knowledge. There is no separation between the Universe and all its creatures, they all belong to Allah.

      And there are these stupid donkeys who pretend teaching Islam, these illiterate who when you point out the moon they look at your finger.
      It is because of these clowns that the Muslims suffer and don’t progress, and yet more women who are their favourite targets.
      In the Quran you will never find any verse stating women must wear a veil or hijab.
      When we observe the beauty of Allah’s Creation one can realise how harmonious and balanced it is and all makes perfect sense.
      About women, I ask the question if they must hide their hairs, why Allah created them with long and beautiful hairs? It does not make any sense at all.
      The answer of these psychos is: the women disturb our mind.
      Hey stupid illiterate aren’t you able to control yourself and your desires?
      Why put the burden on women?

      Islam is a way of life, a way to peace and serenity, there is no place for barbarism, violence and hatred.
      If all Muslims had followed the Quran ONLY, they would have lived superior lives in peace and abundance.
      Get rid of ALL hadiths and only follow the Quran. If necessary ask the real meaning of the verses to a highly qualified professional on Oriental languages.
      The hadiths do not originate from Allah, they are only humans reported stories from some obscure authors.
      It is important to know that thousands of hadiths have been removed because it is proven that it would be impossible that such events did ever happen (that reveals at what the scale the people have been deceived over centuries).
      And the fact that the hadiths have been written 200 years after the Prophet’s death also proves that the sources are NOT reliable. If we look at the +5000 existing hadiths, a human life would not be enough to cover all the stories and the geographical location where they occured (at that time they were not using cars, trains or airplanes to travel). Just think again.

      When we ask the mullahs why their teachings are based on the hadiths instead of the Quran, they explain that the Quran does not explain all, even how to pray, and thanks to the hadiths we better understand the Quran…
      So all agree to say that the Quran is the Word of Allah.
      Allah controls everything, knows everything and decides for everything.
      Allah does not not lie, doe not forget and He is not negligent, these statuses only apply to humans.
      Are then they saying that Allah made mistakes and omissions? That the Quran is missing explanations?
      Quran 18:27 – And recite, what has been revealed to you of the Book of your Lord. There is no changer of His words, and never will you find in other than Him a refuge.
      The Quran is the Final Book from our Creator, so how Allah could ever forget or omit anything?

  3. Myanmar majalah di nama kan Aung ZAE Yatu telah menghina Islam dan Nabi Mohamad (saw) di No 44, 1376 yang diterbitkan pada tanggal 17 Oktober 2014 Jumat edition.

    Aung ZAE Yatu jurnal Nomor 44 edisi telah menerbitkan “Kata Pengantar dari Ekstrimisme” artikel dan “perang invasi Muslim Islam oleh Muhamad yang menghancurkan peninggalan sejarah Buddha.” Fakta-fakta yang salah diterbitkan dalam artikel-artikel yang menghina status fisik dan spiritual dari Nabi kita tercinta (saw) dan dibohongi Nabi (saw) adalah sebagai orang yang kejam dan moral rusak.
    Artikel ini tidak hanya mengganggu perdamaian dan stabilitas Myanmar, tetapi juga menghina dan menyodok ke semua umat Islam dari Myanmar. Jadi hampir semua jajaran Muslim Myanmar memberitahu Myanmar Muslim Media, keinginan mereka untuk mengambil tindakan dan menuntut jurnal itu (penerbit dan penulis.)
    Pemimpin Muslim terkemuka Khalifa U Thein Win Aung mengatakan ke Myanmar Muslim Media,
    “Menurut agama kita, setelah Allah (swt), Nabi Muhamad (pbub) adalah orang yang kita terhormati dan tercintai.
    Seperti yang kita semua digunakan dengan tepat mengikuti perintah Nabi kita (saw), kita dianggap penghinaan ini pada dirinya sebagai penghinaan pada Allah kita (swt) dan juga menghina hati kita semua umat Islam.
    semua Muslim Myanmar harus dianggap Penghinaan ini sebagai mengganggu perdamaian dan ketenangan dari Myanmar. ”
    Di dalam “Kata Pengantar Ekstrimisme” artikel yang ditulisnya menggunakan kata-kata kasar mentah tentang Nabi (saw) kita .. seperti di bawa ini:
    “Dia menikah (menggunakan kasar kata Myanmar) Khatija.”
    “Muhamad telah melakukan jihad tidak hanya pada Mekah tetapi tempat-tempat lain.”
    “Muhamad telah memimpin merampok dari wisatawan dan pedagang; Yahudi, Kristen, Persia, Mesir. “Dengan demikian ia menuduh dan menghina Nabi kita (saw) sebagai perampok, penjahat, bajak laut atau perampok bersenjata.
    Dalam artikel yang sama ia dituduh dan menulis, “Arab mengambil banyak istri. Muhamed membuat aturan untuk menikahi empat istri saja. Tapi dia sendiri telah menikah 40 istri. ”
    Dalam “Kata Pengantar dari Ekstrimisme” diterbitkan dirinya sebagai Buddha Misionaris Journal, Aung ZAE Yatu No 44, ia menulis banyak penghinaan terhadap Islam dan Nabi (saw) dan pada akhir artikel, “Penampilan (di dunia ini ) dari Muhamad ini mirip dengan kedatangan bencana bagi dunia. Dalam doa-doa kita sehari-hari bukan doa tradisional berada jauh dari tiga jenis bencana, sekarang kita perlu berdoa luang kita dari empat jenis bencana. “Dia termasuk Nabi kita tercinta (saw) sebagai bencana atau bencana bagi dunia.
    Dalam “perang Islam invasi Muslim .. Mohamad yang menghancurkan peninggalan sejarah Buddha” artikel yang diterbitkan dalam halaman Aung ZAE Yatu Journal yang sama 10, yang ditulis oleh Ashin Munita-Dhammasariya semacam ini:
    “Orang yang bernama Muhamad … setelah melarikan diri dari Madinah, setelah dia kuat dengan 500 pengikut mulai menyerang dan mengambil alih Mekah. Setelah itu ia perlahan-lahan menyerang seluruh Arabia dengan perang agama dan mendirikan Agama Islam. “Ia melukis seolah-olah Islam disebarkan oleh pedang.
    Itu Aung Zay Yatu dan Tharki Thwe (darah Sykian) jurnal menyalahgunakan kebebasan berbicara untuk menyebarkan Pidato Kebencian dan Islamophobia.
    “Sebagai pemerintah Myanmar gagal melindungi Kebebasan Beragama, warga Muslim yang diberikan dan diabadikan dalam Konstitusi, masalah ini bisa memicu kerusuhan agama yang bisa menyebar secara internasional”, Kata U Nyi Nyi dari Rule of Law dan Jaringan Hak Asasi Manusia.
    Ia melanjutkan, “Karena Islam adalah agama dunia, jika penghinaan Nabi (saw) masalahnya bukan hanya daerah tapi bisa menyebar sebagai Reaksi Internasional. Pemerintah Myanmar harus menyadari hal ini. Pemerintah Myanmar harus mengambil tindakan yang jelas dan parah pada penghinaan ini.

    ( In English Language)

    Myanmar Journal Aung Zae Yatu had insulted Islam and Prophet Mohamad (pbuh) in its No 44, 1376 published on the Friday 17th October 2014 edition.

    Aung Zae Yatu journal No. 44 edition has published the “Preface of Extremism” article and “Islamic Muslim invasion wars by Muhamad who destroyed the Buddha’s historical inheritances.” The wrong facts published in those articles have insulted physical and spiritual status of our beloved Prophet (pbuh) and painted the Prophet (pbuh) as a cruel and morally corrupted person.
    These articles not only disturb the peace and stability of Myanmar but also insult and poke the hearts and minds of all the Muslims of Myanmar. So almost all the rank and file of Muslims of Myanmar are telling Myanmar Muslim Media their wish to take action and sue the said journal (publisher and authors.)
    Prominent Muslim leader Khalifa U Thein Win Aung told Myanmar Muslim Media,
    “According to our religion, after Allah (swt), His Prophet Muhamad (pbub) is the person we respected and love most.
    As we all used to exactly follow the orders of our Prophet (pbuh), we regarded this insult on him as the insult on our Allah (swt) and it also insults our heart.
    This insult on all the Muslims of Myanmar should be regarded as disturbing the peace and tranquility of Myanmar.”
    In the Thuria (Maurisia) U Aung’s “Preface of Extremism” article he wrote rudely using crude words about our Prophet (pbuh) like:
    “He wed (using rude Myanmar word) Khatija.”
    “Muhamad had done jihad not only on Mecca but other places.”
    “Muhamad had led the robbing of the travelers and traders; Jews, Christians, Persians, Egyptians.” By doing so he accused and insulted our Prophet (pbuh) as a dacoit, bandit, pirate or armed robber.
    In the same article he wrongly accused and wrote, “Arabs took numerous wives. Muhamed made a rule to marry four wives only. But he himself had wed 40 wives.”
    In the “Preface of Extremism” published in the self declared as a Buddhist Missionary Journal, Aung Zae Yatu No 44, he wrote numerous insults on Islam and Prophet (pbuh) and at the end of the article, “The appearance (in this world) of Muhamad is akin to the arrival of calamity for the world. In our daily prayers instead of traditional prayers to be away from three types of calamities, now we need to pray to spare us from four types of calamities.” He included our beloved Prophet (pbuh) as a catastrophe or disaster to the world.
    In the “Islamic Muslim invasion wars by Mohamad who destroyed the Buddha’s historical inheritances” article published in that same Aung Zae Yatu Journal’s page 10, written by Ashin Munita-Dhammasariya:
    “The person named Muhamad…after running away from Medina, once he was strong with 500 followers started to attack and took over Mecca. After that he slowly invaded the whole Arabia with the religious war and established the Islamic Religion.” He painted as if Islam was spread by sword.
    That Aung Zay Yatu and Tharki Thwe (Sykian blood) journals are misusing the freedom of speech to spread the Hate Speeches and Islamophobia.
    “As the Myanmar Government failed to protect the Religious Freedom, of its Muslim citizens which was provided and enshrined in the Constitution, this problem could ignite the religious riots which could spread internationally”, said the Rule of Law and Human Rights Network Activist U Nyi Nyi.
    He continued,” As Islam is the world’s religion, if insult the Prophet (pbuh) the problem is not just regional but could spread as an International Reaction. Myanmar Government should be aware of this. Myanmar Government should take a clear and

  4. You have really nice pictures on this website, can I use some of them for marketing purposes – we provide free islamic education for adults here in canada

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