MUI: Ahok statement is a blasphemy and has legal consequences


RR Laeny Sulistyawati, Ratna Ajeng Tejomukti


Governor Basuki Tjahaja (Ahok)’s statement about Alquran surah Al Maidah verse 51 has caused unrest among the people, therefore the Indonesian Council of Ulama (MUI) reviewed the case and gave its religious statement on Tuesday. “Ahok has insulted the Holy Quran and/or the clerics. His statement has a legal consequences,” Chairman (MUI) Ma’ruf Amin said.

Ma’ruf explained Alquran surah Al Maidah verse 51 explicitly contains a prohibition for Muslims to make the Jewish and Christian as leader. “This verse as the proposition prohibition non-Muslims as a leader,’’ he said.

MUI stated Islamic clerics are obliged to convey the contents of surah Al Maidah verse 51 in order to remind every Muslim to vote for Muslim as leader. At this point, MUI statement has broken Ahok’s opinion about the verse.

Ahok believed clerics or Muslim in general who cited Al Maidah verse 51 were manipulating and politicizing the verse for political gain. “Ahok has insulted the clerics and Muslims by saying Muslims are manipulated by the verse or who ever citing the verse,” Ma’ruf said.

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Further more, MUI said every Muslim should believe the truth and accuracy of surah Al-Maidah verse 51 as a guidance in choosing a leader. “It is haram to say Al Maidah verse 51 as a false guidance and it is a religious blasphemy of the Quran,” Ma’ruf underlined.

MUI said the government and the people are obligated to keep the harmony in religious life, in the society, in the state and in the nation. The government also has the obligation to prevent religious blasphemy by not neglecting the case. “We are asking the people to remain calm, not to vigilante, and let the authority handle the case. Of course, we should keep an eye in blasphemy activities and report it to the authority,” Ma’ruf said.

MUI urged the authority to act proactive and firm in religious blasphemy case. “Who ever did religious blasphemy over the Quran and the Islamic teachings or insulting the clerics and Muslims should be dealt firmly,” Ma’ruf said.

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In order to keep public trust in law enforcement, the case should be processed quickly and proportionally in a professional manner. “The authority should consider the sense of justice for the people,” Ma’ruf said.


Wednesday, 12 October 2016




Muslim figure appeals for screening of the film on the betrayal of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI)



MUSLIM figure K.H. Cholil Ridwan has put forth a request to screen a film depicting the failed coup attempt by the Communist Party (PKI) in 1965 by national television stations every year on September 30.

KH Kholil Ridwan

         KH Kholil Ridwan

G30S/PKI film must always be broadcast by national television stations in the country in the years to come,” he stated at the commemoration of the G30S/PKI treason at Lubang Buaya in East Jakarta on Thursday.
He affirmed that the government must encourage the screening of the film to remind the younger generation about the cruelties inflicted by the PKI.

Cholil, who is also one of the board members of the Indonesian Council of Ulemas, said he had also appealed to include the stories about PKI’s cruelties in the school curriculum, starting from the elementary level.

He noted that the stories had so far been excluded from the books used in elementary and junior high schools.

“We must denounce the emergence of armed farmers, which are the fifth generation of the PKI. The symbol of armed farmers must be rejected,” he stated.

President Joko Widodo led the commemoration of Pancasila Sanctity Day, which falls on October 1, at the Lubang Buaya Pancasila Sanctity complex in East Jakarta on Thursday morning.

The Pancasila Sanctity Day commemoration is held annually to honor the sanctity of the state ideology against the revolt of the PKI on September 30, 1965, marked among other events, by the kidnapping of the seven army generals including General Ahmad Yani, Major General Sutoyo, Lieutenant General M.T. Haryono, Major General D.E. Pandjaitan, and Lieutenant General S. Parman.

The aforementioned high commissioned officers were killed and their bodies dumped into the well-known Lubang Buaya pit on which the Pancasila Sakti Monument now stands.

On the following day, October 1, 1965, the National Armed Forces (TNI) succeeded in crushing the PKI revolt and recovered the bodies of the generals.


Thu, October 2, 2015

MUI issues edict on homosexuality

mui homo
C83/Satya Festiani

INDONESIAN Council of Ulama (MUI) issues religious edict or fatwa on gay, lesbian, sodomy and molestation. The Indonesia’s top Islamic body stated that the fatwa was based on recent sexual harassment cases in Indonesia.

“Islamic law is build based on five principles, in which one of them is to protect dignity and offspring,” Secretary of Fatwa Commission of MUI, Asrorun Niam Sholeh, said on Thursday, January 15. MUI, he said, had the responsibility to respond the issue.

Asrorudin Niam

Asrorudin Niam

MUI had a long discuss on the issue, especially on sodomy and homosexual. In Islam, a legal way to channel sexual desire is through marriage of man and woman. “We have seen many cases of molestation, rape, sodomy, and homosexuality. Finally on December 31, we as fatwa commission agreed to issue edict on the matter,” he said.

The fatwa says that sexual intercourse can only be done by married couple, which is a man and a woman. Secondly, the fatwa says thaat sexual orientation toward similar gender or homosexual is abnormal which has to be cured.

Thirdly, MUI states that sexual intercourse between similar gender is haram. Those who commit such behavior will be punished.

Fourth, sodomy is haram and the subject will be punished by had. Fifth, homosexual partners who commit sodomy is haram and will be punished using takzir. “Takzir is a kind of punishment based on laws, while had is punishment based on Koran and Hadist,” he said.

The fatwa also rules on molestation toward children with similar gender. The subject will be punished using both had and takzir, as well as sentenced up to death. Meanwhile, a subject who commits rape will be punished using takzir. Lastly, legalizing homosexual and other abnormal sexual orientation is haram.

Thu, 15 Jan 2015

MUI to remain neutral in presidential election 2014

Koalisi parpol islamAntara

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID — The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) assured that it will remain neutral in the upcoming presidential election, which becomes a competition for two presidential and vice presidential candidate pairs.

“MUI as an institution will be neutral, but we encourage people to vote in accordance to their choice,” MUI Chairman Din Syamsuddin stated here on Thursday.

Din remarked that the Indonesian people should make the presidential and vice presidential election as an important agenda, and therefore, the people should exercise their right to vote.

Din also added that the MUI expects Muslims to be more careful while choosing a presidential and vice-presidential candidate.

“Muslims should consider who is more honest, religious, fair, and responsible,” he reiterated.

“The personality of the candidates should not only be symbolic, but he should be actually committed and especially pious. For MUI, this is the most important thing, especially the one who has ‘akhlakul karimah’ (good morals),” he emphasized.

Din then requested the Indonesian people not to overly support one of the candidates.

“The MUI observes such developments as something unhealthy. So we hope that the people will not exceedingly support one of the candidates, “he noted.

Thu, 5 June 2014

MUI issues 8,553 halal sertificates since 2005

hal muiC64/Mutia Ramadhani

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID — The Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI) has issued halal certificates for 8,553 products from 2005 to March 2014. Head of Information, Institute for Food, Drugs and Cosmetics (LPPOM) in MUI, Faried Mahmud said that it came from 188,991 products.

In addition, MUI has also issued 9,521 halal product certificates in local areas. It came from 23,925 products. About 39 companies proposed 808 products to get the certification this week. Some products are still waiting for assessment and information of its composition.

“We hope that all local products and restaurants in Indonesia can be recognized halal through a certification from small to large scale. Halal is not only seen from the naked eye, but also through a certification,” Mahmud said.

According to him, the constraint in halal certification implementation depends on legal frame work in the country, not only by using a voluntary system. LPPOM-MUI has carried out various socialization and coordination with companies, as well as restaurants.

“Various communities support us to implement halal certification widely for Indonesian products. However, it still depends on each company due to voluntary status,” Mahmud said.

Mon, 12 May 2014

halal mui serti

MUI to build a museum on Islamic civilization

islamic museumJAKARTA

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID – The Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI) plans to build a museum of Islamic civilization. Deputy Secretary General of MUI, Natsir Zubaidi said the museum aimed to teach Indonesia, a country with the largest Muslim population in the world, on Islam and its culture.

“We see Islam develop well in Indonesia,” Zubaidi said recently, explaining the reason behind the plan.

The museum can explain about how Islam flourishing and struggling during colonialism era in Indonesia. The museum will be designed like a park with miniatures of historical mosques in Indonesia, including history and relics about Islam in Indonesia. MUI will also build an Islamic boarding school within the park’s area. MUI will choose one location among Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, or Bekasi.

Republika OL
Thu, 8 May 2014

WWF praises MUI for issueing a fatwa forbidding killing of endangered animals

mui_tigerWorld Bulletin/News Desk

The World Wildlife Fund has praised the Islamic clerical body of Indonesia, the Ulema Council, for issueing a fatwa forbidding the killing of endangered animals in their country, calling it a “positive step forward.”

Asrorun Ni'am Sholeh

Asrorun Ni’am Sholeh

The council had described the killing of endangered animals as “unethical, immoral and sinful”, council official Asrorun Ni’am Sholeh told AFP.

“All activities resulting in wildlife extinction without justifiable religious grounds or legal provisions are haram (forbidden). These include illegal hunting and trading of endangered animals.”

“Whoever takes away a life, kills a generation. This is not restricted to humans, but also includes God’s other living creatures, especially if they die in vain,” the official added.

As well as protecting animals, the fatwa encourages the government to monitor ecological protection, review permits issued to companies accused of harming the environment, and bring illegal loggers and wildlife traffickers to justice.

The Sumatran tiger, orangutan, and Sumatran elephant are a number of animals found in Indonesian wildlife that face extinction due to logging and poaching.

The WWF said in a statement that the fatwa “provides a spiritual aspect and raises moral awareness which will help us in our work to protect and save the remaining wildlife in the country such as the critically endangered tigers and rhinos.”

Although the fatwa is not legally binding, observant Muslims have a personal and religious responsibility to follow the advice given in the fatwa.