Be compassionate, love your parents: Friday sermon

IMAMS yesterday warned congregants not to mistreat their parents or to take advantage of them as parents should be shown respect and affection by their children.

“What’s saddening is that there are some people who solicit money or use their parents’ old-age pension for their own family’s expenses, although that pension (provided by the government) is their parents’ only hope (to be used) for spending if the parents have no other source of income,” said imams in the sermon yesterday.

There are also parents, despite their advancing age, who are ordered to look after the grandchildren, imams said.

Imams added that majority of parents keep hide their feelings to prevent conflicts and being neglected by their own children.

“Parents need care and attention but because of the love for their children, they are willing to take the entire burden and bottle up their feelings.”

The sermon urged Muslims nationwide to fulfil their responsibilities toward their parents by showering them with love and affection and keeping their parents happy.

The sermon added that there are various ways to honour our parents which include speaking and addressing them politely and respectfully, fulfilling their wishes (as long as it does not go against Islam) and most importantly, praying for their wellbeing.

Imams also said that it is the duty of every children to take care of the elders’ needs and welfare and giving their parents financial support as many may no longer be able to sustain themselves in their advancing age.

“In a situation like this, as children we need to be patient in dealing with our parents’ behaviours. Do not lose your temper and patience easily as this will only devastate or hurt them,” imams said in the sermon yesterday.

“This is clearly narrated by Ibnu Umar who said, ‘causing parents to shed tears is among the disloyal (derhaka) and most sinful of acts’.”

Imams advised Muslims to refrain from abandoning their parents due to worldly affairs that keep them busy and causing them to neglect in caring for their own parents.

“Keep in mind that abandoning our parents is prohibited that should be avoided,” warned imams.

The Brunei Times

Saturday, 15 October 2016




Treat parents with respect and kindness: imams

Abdul Aziz Ismail

THE importance of caring for parents with respect and kindness was highlighted in the sermon yesterday.

Imams advised the public to remember the struggles and sacrifices made by parents in raising them.

“A mother has to undergo tremendous pain and hardship right from the time the child is cared for in her womb till the moment of childbirth,” the imams said.

It is the responsibility of parents to provide their children with the basic needs including education. These sacrifices must be repaid by carrying out the commands of Allah SWT as stated in the Quran, to serve parents and to obey orders that are not against the teachings of Islam.

Children should strive in their parents’ service while demonstrating humility and tenderness. When they are older, they should start providing parents their general needs, ensure their good health, and also pray for their forgiveness. Causing grief towards their parents, that would lead them to shed tears of sadness is a major sin.

“The status of parents in Islam is secondary only to that of obedience to Allah SWT and His Messenger” the imams said, therefore Allah SWT’s view of the children corresponds with the parent’s view. Following the death of a parent, children are advised to provide proper final rites in accordance with the Islamic law, and constantly pray for them.

The Brunei Times
Saturday, November 29, 2014