Ahok gets two years imprisonment



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Angga Indrawan


THE judges in blasphemy case sentenced the defendant Basuki Tjahaja Purnama “Ahok” to two years imprisonment.

“The defendant is proven guilty and convicingly in blaspheme the religion, related to surah Al Maidah,” judge Dwiarso Budi Santiarto said when reading the verdict at Ministry of Agriculture’s Auditorium, South Jakarta, on Tuesday, 9 May 2017.

According to the judges, there were several points that incriminating the defendant. Firstly,  Ahok did not feel guilty over his statement as an insult to religion. Secondly, Ahok’s statement was harming religious harmony.

Ahok and his legal team decided to appeal.

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Republika, 9 May 2016




Madura ulamas write to president over Ahok’s alleged blasphemy case




LEADERS of Islamic boarding schools have written to President Joko Widodo, urging that the due process of law should follow in the alleged case of blasphemy involving Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok).

The letter was written by leaders of these schools across Madura Island in East Java Province. “We sent a letter to Indonesian President Joko Widodo today,” chief of All-Madura Islamic Boarding Schools Association (HP3M) KH Lailurrahman said in a press briefing at Pamekasan Police Precinct here on Friday.

The letter, dated October 26, 2016, was signed by HP3M Chief KH Lailurrahman and his secretary KH Djakfar Shodik. The ulamas said if the legal process in this case was not followed, it will trigger larger rallies against Ahok, the Jakarta governor who is seeking re-election in February 2017.

In the letter, the ulamas also mentioned several articles in the 1945 Constitution that could form the legal basis for their call, including article 1 para 2; article 1 para 3; article 4 para 1; article 24 para 1; article 27 para 1; and article 30 para 4. “Article 4 para 1 of the Constitution stipulates that the President of the Republic of Indonesia holds government power in accordance with the law,” he noted.

Article 30 para 4 stipulates that the Indonesian police is a state apparatus assigned to keep security and public order, protect and serve the public and uphold the law, he underlined. He lamented that it seemed the police had not bothered about the case despite widespread protests against the Jakarta governor.

The Indonesian Council of Ulama (MUI) said Ahok has committed blasphemy citing a Al Maidah verse 51. Ahok told people in the Seribu Islands not to be deceived by people using the verse asking them not to elect a non-Muslim leader in the forthcoming election.

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MUI chairman Ma’ruf Amin pointed out in a statement that Ahok has insulted the Quran and the ulamas, and that police should investigate the case.


Saturday, 29 October 2016




‘There will be another Ahok without law enforcement in religious blasphemy case’

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RR Laeny Sulistyawat


ON  Friday (10/28), Muslims in several provinces hold demonstration against Basuki Tjahaja Purnama’s (Ahok) religious blasphemy.

Hundreds of protesters from 25 Islamic organizations joined Lampung Islamic Movement took to the street. They urged the police to process Basuki Tjahaja Purnama’s (Ahok) religious blasphemy case.

Protesters rallied in the street in front of the Taqwa Mosque, Jl Kotaraja, Bandar Lampung. ”We urged police to investigate Ahok who did religious blasphemy of Alquran particulary surah Al Maidah verse 51,” he said.

In the Bangka Belitung Province, thousands of protesters from Islamic Organizations also have held demonstration at the local Police Headquarters and Provincial Parliament office for the same purpose.

They ensured the protest were not correlated with politics. ‘We asked the police and Parliament to convey our aspirations to the National Police chief and the President to immediately process and arrest Ahok for insulting Islam,” Bangka Belitung branch of Indonesia Hizbut Tahrir (HTI) Chairman Sofiyan Rudianto said.

According to Sofiyan, without legal firm sanction, there would be another Ahoks doing religious defamation. “This will disrupt religious harmony in Indonesia and security will be unstable,” he said while asking the police to be neutral and professional in enforcing the law.

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In front of Presidential Palace, DI Yogyakarta, thousand of people demanded Ahok to be put into justice. “I’m worried if Ahok is not get firm sanction, there will be a lot more massive movement coming from Muslims and this movement will spread all across the country,” Syukri Fadholi Chief of the local Unity and Development Party said.

In Bandung, West Java, rain did not stopped hundreds of youngster from Generasi Muda Jabar to hold demonstration in front of Gedung Sate. “We see no reason for the police to postpone Ahok’s imprisonment,” Coordinator of Darul Hikam Youth, Agus, remarked.

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Muslims in West Nusa Tenggara appointed November 3rd as the deadline for the police to nail Ahok. They promised to hold a massive movement if Ahok has not been caught on that date.

North Sumatra Police Chief Rycko Amelza Dahniel agreed with the mass who demand the police to process Ahok religious blasphemy case. He noticed the case has been discussed not only nationally, but also international. “We hoped Jakarta Police would settle it accordingly,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bekasi Metro Police Umar Surya Fana have listened aspirations from hundreds members of several Islamic organizations that formed Forum Ukhuwah Umat Islam Bekasi (FUUI). Umar said the aspiration will be conveyed to Jakarta Metro Police chief. “Meanwhile, let’s show Muslims are united, peace lover, and not anarchy,” he said in Bekasi, West Java.

Previously, in Padang, West Sumatra, thousands of people naming themself Forum Masyarakat Minangkabau (FMM) asked the police to hold equality before the law principle. They believed the case of religious blasphemy by a women in Bali would be a perfect example in handling Ahok. “She was caught and punished 14 month imprisonment,” Muhammad Siddiq of the FMM said on Sunday (10/23).


Sat, 29 October 2016






The Burning Europe

charliemagepaIkhwanul Kiram Mashuri

WHAT really happen in several countries in Europe? France’s Charlie Hebdo magazine was being attacked. About 12 people were murdered, including a Muslim police — out of two police who were killed during the attack.

The Moroccan-born Muslim police is Ahmad Murabith, 42 years. In the footage, his foot was shot. When he tried to get up, an attacker confronted him and shot him right in his head. He fell and died in the place.

Few days later, a gunman took a number of hostages n Jewish kosher supermarket Hyper Cache in Vincennes, Paris. The gunman and four hostages were killed during the police raid.

A day after Charlie Hebdo attack, British Intelligence Agency, MI5, warned that Al Qaeda militants in Syria were plotting attacks to inflict mass casualties in the West. The aim is to create massive casualties similar to what they have killed in World Trade Center, New York, US in 2001. Al Qaeda killed nearly 3,000 people.

“The often attack transport system or iconic targets,” Head of MI5 Security Service, Andrew Parker, said.

Few days before in Germany, or Dresden to be exact, up to 18,000 people attended a rally with the Anti-Islamic Pegida (Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West). The rally has spread to Munich, Berlin, Tostock, Wurzburg, Dusseldorf and Bonn.

The racial rally was responded by another group which defends Muslim community in Germany. With similar number of people, they upstaged a rallt in Dresden, Berlin, Cologne, Stuttgart, Muenster and Hamburg. Fortunately, the two groups didn’t clash.

Islamophobia or hatred towards Islam, Muslims or of ethnic groups perceived to be Muslim appears in other countries in Europe. Besides France and Germany, the attack towards Muslim and its facilities happened in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, and others. Several mosques were attacked and burned down.

With two bloody events in Paris, the tension emerges in Europe. Europe is burning. Distrust and suspicion even develop in citizen of Europe, especially towards Muslim.

In Belgium, al Sharq al Awsat reported that Muslim, especially female who wear hijab, are afraid to go outside of their house. They are afraid that stangers will attack them. “The Charlie Hebdo attack increases Islamophobia in Belgium,” Sheikh Muhammad at Tamami, the imam of Masjid al Hamidin in Anderlecht, Belgium, said. Anderlecht is predominantly Muslim neighborhood.

In France, the attack towards mosque and other Islamic facilities is rising since Charlie Hebdo attack. So in other European countries.

Then, who takes the advantages of the attack towards Charlie Hebdo and hostage in kosher supermarket? Muslim clearly doesn’t take the advantages. So does government and citizen in Europe. European countries, such as UK, France and Germany is democratic, secular, tolerant and supporting freedom.

That is why, President of France Francois Hollande and German Counselor Angela Merkel must neutralize the attack towards Charlie Hebdo and anti-Islamic rally in order not to become inter-religious conflict. “The attackers of Charlie Hebdo in Paris are not related to Islam,” Hollande said. “The rally is conducted by people who do not respect diversity in Germany,” Merkel said.

Those who take the advantages from Charlie Hebdo attack and the burning of mosques are radicalism and extremism groups. Radicalism and extremism are ideology. Ideology which allows any ways to reach a target. The action that justify any means gives birth to terrorism.

In Europe, the radical and extrimist come from both Muslim and non-Muslim. The cause varies. In German, for instance, about 18,000 people who attented anti-Islamic rally were furious due to economic downturn. They are disappointed as they cannot compete with Muslim immigrants. They are racist. They may also hate the behavior of hardline Islam which cause terror everywhere.

Radical and extremist also appear in Germany. They maybe small in number, but they inflict losses to 3 million of Muslim in Germany. The 3 million Muslims who lived in peace among 80 million of German citizens. German, likes any other people who live in the world, knows that radical Muslim like Al Qaeda, ISIS, Jabharu an Nasrah and others poses terror everywhere.

The attack towards Charlie Hebdo in Paris surely will raise Islamophobia in the West. The attack that killed 12 people brings more harassment towards mosques in France and other European countries.

We condemn terrorism conducted by any body from any group. Not only for the attackers of Charlie Hebdo, but also for those who publish the magazine.

Charlie Hebdo which has insulted Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and Islamic symbols several times is also a terrorist. They are terrorizing the faith of Muslim. And also other parties such as anti-Islamic rally in Germany.

Freedom is important. However, it must be followed by responsibility. A responsibility to avoid hatred and anger. Responsibility to create peace in the middle of pluralistic people.

In this frame, we must fight radical and extremism. They are our enemy.

Sat, 17 January 2015


NU: Charlie Hebdo is stupid, has not taken a cue




An associate chairman of Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) has expressed disappointment over Charlie Hebdo’s decision to again publish a caricature of Prophet Muhammad on the cover of its latest issue.

“This means Charlie Hebdo’s editors are not smart. They have not taken a cue from the recent incident that has also made their fellows victims,” remarked Slamet Effendy Yusuf, the associate chairman of one of Indonesia’s mainstream Islamic organizations.

Indeed, the attack on the French satirical magazine’s office in France was not justifiable and deserved to be called an inhumane act of terrorism, he stated.

However, the “Je Suis Charlie” campaign as a slogan adopted by supporters of free speech and freedom of expression to express solidarity with the publication is also not entirely acceptable, moreover under the concept of freedom of expression, he reiterated.

“It is wrong to generalize all people as Charlie Hebdo. The West must learn to respect the Eastern view that freedom of expression must be implemented with responsibility and empathy towards what others believe,” he noted.

Slamet Effendy Yusuf

Slamet Effendy Yusuf

Slamet condemned the attackers of Charlie Hebdo who killed 17 people and called them fools. However, he also said that the editors who decided to continue to publish the latest Charlie Hebdo issue with Prophet Muhammad’s caricature were equally fools.

He emphasized that the West must be able to rectify its behavior. Even in the West, numerous articles have been published emphasizing the importance of implementing freedom of expression with responsibility and morality.

“Freedom of expression must not offer room to insults and abuses on what billions of people in the world consider as holy. The incident will continue to occur if the media continues to adopt this attitude, and the public allows it to continue,” he remarked.

Slamet stated that every form of insult on any religion, be it Judaism or Christianity and holy figures of religion such as Jesus or Mohammad, is not justifiable.

“Moreover, in Islam, visualization of Prophet Muhammad is banned,” he pointed out.

Charlie Hebdo, in its latest issue, has depicted a caricature of Prophet Muhammad on its cover with the words “He Suis Charlie” and the words “Tout East Pardonne” appearing above his white turban that translate to “all is pardoned.”

Nearly three million copies of the issue have, so far, been printed, which is far above the regular number of only 60 thousand, in 16 different languages and will be circulated across 25 countries.


Wed, 14 January 2015


PBNU: Islamophobia reason behind ‘The Jakarta Post’ caricature


CHAIRMAN of the Nahdlatul Ulama Executive Board (PBNU) Slamet Effendy Yusuf said that The Jakarta Post caricature, which is insulting and offending to Islam, was born out of an Islamophobic attitude.

“The caricature of The Jakarta Post cannot be accepted by common sense, particularly based on truth or religious belief,” Slamet Effendy Yusuf stated here on Tuesday.

Slamet said that Islamophobia had begun from hatred and suspicion against Muslims.

Slamet Effendy Yusuf

Slamet Effendy Yusuf

According to him, the appearance of the caricature has confirmed the covert attitudes that have been perceived by the readers about the policy of English-language newspaper published in Jakarta.

“It is clear that the caricature is a form of sacrilege and desecration to the religion that has the largest following in this country,” he asserted.

Previously, the Indonesian public was shocked by the publication of the caricature in The Jakarta Post on July 3.

Within the caricature, some elements are present that are insulting and offensive to Islam. The symbols and writings in the caricature have important meaning in Islamic theology.

In the caricature, the phrase “La ilaha illallaah” was present over the image of a skull. In fact, the sentence contains the testimony about submission to the power of God.

In addition, lafaz Allah and the Prophet Muhammad SAW are present in the circle of the skull. Lafaz Allah and the prophet are the most fundamental figures in Islamic theology. One is considered to be a Muslim only if the person believes in Allah as God and Muhammad as Apostle.

Tue, 8 July 2014


Jokowi supporting newspaper ‘The Jakarta Post’ is not enough just to apologize for the mistake, but it also must undergo a legal process – Muslim scholar

karikatur-jakarta-post-edisi-kamis-3-juli-2014Mansyur Faqih

THE Jakarta Post published caricature deemed to trigger unrest because the image was judged to have desecrating Islam.

“The caricature could trigger riots because visually apparent once had desecrated Islam. Leading newspaper in 2008 in Denmark, Jyllands-Posten caricatures ever contain an insult to Prophet Muhammad. Suddenly anger throughout the Islamic world, including Indonesia,” said media analyst of the Yogyakarta’s UIN (Islamic State University) Sunan Kalidjaga Iswandi Syahputra in a statement on Tuesday (8/7/14).

He even suspected, the caricature not only desecrating Islam, but also politically charged. Remember, previously there is a statement about the dangers of hardline Islamist stronghold Prabowo from Catholic pastor Frans Magnis Suseno.

“Drawing caricatures is also heading there. Moreover, all people understand The Jakarta Post openly supported Jokowi as a candidate. The desecration is unfortunately happened to this Ramadan,” he said.

Iswandi suspect, deliberately published the cartoons as a danger message alleged Islamist support as a presidential candidate Prabowo. It could be due to bias it to a foreign newspaper.

The Jakarta Post seemed very frightened if Prabowo to be elected president. Or it could just the Jokowi camp used The Jakarta Post‘s support to conduct black propaganda for the sake of his presidential ambitions. So, its news policy is off side,” he said.

He emphasized, The Jakarta Post is not enough just to apologize for the mistake, but it also must undergo a legal process. “The offenses are very hard. Otherwise, I fear Muslims will be angry. Moreover, this is the month of fasting and high political tension anymore,” he said.

Previously, caricature The Jakarta Post, issued of Thursday, July 3 and condemnation. In Opinion published in the rubric on page 7, caricature emblazoned with images of Islamic symbols in a large enough size. The caricature depicts a flag with Islamic holy phrase (lafadz) ‘laa ilaha illallah’ with skull logo attached on the flag.

Lafaz tahlil also be combined with distinctive skull pirate flag. Then, right in the middle of the skull, lettering ‘Allah, the Prophet, Muhammad’.

The image contains a caricature in some scenes. The first scene featuring five people in a kneeling position with eyes closed and hands tied in a cloth behind the weapon mugged position.

To five people behind it stood a bearded and turbaned men brandishing rifles at them, as if ready to execute.

Republika Online
8 July 2014


The Jakarta Post‘s apology:

We sincerely apologize for and retract the editorial cartoon printed on page 7 in the July 3, 2014, edition of The Jakarta Post.

The cartoon contained religious symbolism that may have been offensive.

The Post regrets the error in judgment, which was in no way meant to malign or be disrespectful of any religion.

Our intent was to critique the use of religious symbols (specifically the ISIL flag) in acts of violence in general and, in this case, against fellow Muslims. In particular, it was meant as a reproach of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), which has threatened to attack the Holy Ka’bah in Mecca as part of its political agenda.

— The Editor

The Jakarta Post
8 July 2014