“Oeroeg”, The best movie of Indonesia Independence War




THERE were some movies which took Indonesia Independence War (1945-1949) as their setting. Most of them fell into two categories, propaganda and rubbish. Only few movies which were really good, such as Nagabonar and Soerabaja’45, although the latter sometimes fell into propaganda. Oeroeg was the best movie which took the era as it sets and ironically made by Netherland, which were Indonesia’s enemy.
oeroeg_childhoodWhen the other movies only talk about the war, this movie took a deeper approaching. It pulled us to understand the reason behind the war. Why the Indonesian refused to be controlled by the Dutch. It showed the discrimination experienced by Indonesian as third class citizen in the Dutch rule.

Oeroeg_sceneThe movie also showed a empathized-to-Indonesia-movement Dutch teacher which help Indonesia fighter degrading the fighting spirit of Dutch soldiers. It was more realistic role for foreigner in Indonesia at the time instead the irrational role which sometimes appeared in this genre (such as a dutch soldier in Indonesia line in “Singa Karawang” which was impossible due to high risk of being falsely recognized as enemy by the Indonesia people itself).

oeroeg-last sceneThe dialog was also interesting. In the last scene, Johan, as the main character ask Oeroeg whether they have already in the same degree. Oeroeg’s cynical reply is still relevant today. When the developed countries often call the other countries as the Third world, isn’t it another form of humiliation in modern world?

Hella S. Haasse

Hella S. Haasse





Director Ridley Scott gets biblical in his epic “Exodus: Gods and Kings” retelling of Moses leading his people to ‘the promised land’

exodusPeter Travers

BANISH all memories of a hambone, harrumphing Old Testament Charlton Heston as Moses in Cecil B. DeMille’s The Ten Commandments, the 1956 campfest that TV shoves at us during religious holidays. DeMille’s once-thrilling parting of the Red Sea plays today like CG primitivism.

Ridley Scott directing Sigourney Weaver in 'Exodus: Gods and Kings'.

Ridley Scott directing Sigourney Weaver in’Exodus: Gods and Kings’.

Director Ridley Scott (Gladiator) is determined not to make his Exodus: Gods and Kings old-hat. But he’s after way more than FX pow – although wait until you see that Red Sea heave in 3D and the damage done by those 10 deadly plagues, from crocodiles, frogs and locusts to the death of every first-born in Egypt.

Shooting on location, mostly in Spain, with thousands of non-digital extras, the ferociously cinematic Scott aims to keep things real and raw. He gets that and more from Christian Bale, in rousing form, as a hot-blooded warrior Moses ready to question all comers, including the gods and kings of the title. After learning of his Hebrew identity, Moses rises up against a childhood pal, the pharaoh Ramses (Joel Edgerton), and builds the mettle he needs to lead 600,000 Israelite slaves out of Egypt.

excodus1Like Darren Aronofsky in Noah, Scott, who crafted the script with four other writers, departs from Scripture enough to raise hackles. For example, this Moses sees God in the person of an insolent schoolboy (Isaac Andrews), who takes guff from Moses for waiting 400 years to get around to freeing the slaves. In the large cast, including Aaron Paul, Ben Kingsley and John Turturro, Sigourney Weaver stands out as the mother of Ramses. “I don’t want Moses exiled,” she snaps. “I want him dead.” You get the picture. Exodus is a biblical epic that comes at you at maximum velocity but stays stirringly, inspiringly human.

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Rolling Stones
December 11, 2014

Christian Bale as Moses in ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings.'  Photo; 20th Century Fox

Christian Bale as Moses in ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings.’ Photo; 20th Century Fox


108 Media Takes Worldwide Sales Rights to Bruneian Action Movie ‘Yasmine’

bru film yasmine

Siti Kamaluddin’s martial arts pic is the Muslim-majority sultanate’s first commercial movie set for a North American release.

Etan Vlessing

CANADIAN indie distributor 108 Media has picked up the worldwide sales rights to Brunei’s first commercial movie.

Yasmine, a coming-of-age martial arts film by the Muslim-majority sultanate’s first female director, Siti Kamaluddin, is to have its North American premiere on Friday at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal.

Ahead of that Canadian screening, 108 Media acquired the sales rights to the Liyana Yus-starrer about Yasmine, a young woman who lives alone with her strict father and wants to be a champion at Silat, Brunei’s version of kung fu.

The Canadian distributor plans a North American release for Yasmine, which bowed at the Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival and won the award for best Asian film.

Kamaluddin’s debut feature includes stunt work choreographed by Chan Man Ching, who worked with Jackie Chan on Supercop and Drunken Master 2.

The deal for the Malay-language answer to The Karate Kid was hammered out by Jordan Nutson for 108 Media and Din Kamaluddin for Origin Films.

The Hollywood Reporter
Thu, 24 july 2014

bru film yasmine1


Team ‘Yasmine’ visits Indonesian schools


AFTER much success at the Bruneian school visits, the team from ‘Yasmine The Movie’ continued their roadshow in Indonesia, which began on July 12 and ended yesterday.

Attending the roadshows in Indonesia were lead actress Liyana Yus and supporting cast members Nadiah Wahid and Roy Sungkono alongside producer, Khairuddin Kamaluddin.

Yasmine will also be released in Jakarta on August 21 in cinemas. With the screenwriter Salman Aristo, and several cast members and coming from Indonesia, Yasmine has generated a lot of attention from the press and media there. For the Indonesian roadshows, Liyana Yus teams up with local silat members to conduct demonstrations in schools.

bru yas3

bru yas2

“The energy of the fans in the schools in Indonesia has been great so far. I am having such an amazing time. I still cannot believe that we have that many fans and followers here in Indonesia,” said Liyana. Nadiah also voiced her thanks for the tremendous welcome at the neighbouring country. “So far Jakarta has been very welcoming. The students have been very enthusiastic in participating in activities during the roadshow. It’s always nice to see them smile,” she said.

bru yas4Salman Aristo is an Indonesian screenwriter and film producer/ director known for his work on ‘Ayat-Ayat Cinta’, ‘Laskar Pelangi’, ‘Garuda di Dadaku’ and ‘Sang Penari’. This led to Aristo receiving numerous successes and has been nominated for three Citra Awards.

In conjunction with His Majesty’s birthday, the Yasmine team were also invited to the Brunei High Commissioner in Indonesia’s residence on the July 14 for a tahlil and thanksgiving prayer.

bru yas5

The Brunei Times
Saturday, July 19, 2014

Two Indonesian tourists from Jakarta visited 'Yasmine' booth and posed with Liyana Yus and Siti Kamaluddin at the ASEAN Consumers Fair 2014 held in the Internatiobal Convention Centre, Berakas, last June.

Two Indonesian tourists from Jakarta visited ‘Yasmine’ booth and posed with Liyana Yus and Siti Kamaluddin at the ASEAN Consumers Fair 2014 held in the Internatiobal Convention Centre, Berakas, last June.


Brunei movie ‘Yasmine’ wins Best Asian Film at NIFFF, Switzerland

bru_Yasmine_winZatty Joanda

BRUNEI’S most anticipated film has been awarded ‘Best Asian Film’ at the Swiss-based Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival (NIFFF) on Saturday, July 12.

‘Yasmine’ Director, Siti Kamaluddin went to Neuchatel, Switzerland, on the July 7, without expectations of winning.

After the announcement Siti said, “I am truly grateful and honoured to have this recognition for our Brunei film ‘Yasmine’. I hope to be making more films soon and I look forward to coming back to the Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival in the future. It is great to bring back this award for Brunei.”

While at Neuchatel, Siti Kamaluddin attended several talks and presentations from other directors including George R R Martin’s ‘New Worlds of Fantasy’ masterclass. The screening of ‘Yasmine’ took place on Wednesday, July 9, and Saturday, July 11.

“It’s really incredible to bring ‘Yasmine’ here (Neuchatel). The audience and the organisers of NIFFF have been incredible. I feel grateful and honoured to be able to bring something positive like a film from Brunei to the world stage,” said Siti.

Just over a month away to its release date, there is no slowing down for the ‘Yasmine’ media campaign.

Lead actress, Liyana Yus, and supporting actress, Nadiah Wahid are in Jakarta, Indonesia for the ‘Yasmine roadshow’. The Bruneian actresses alongside actor Roy Sungkono of Indonesia will be visiting schools across the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, until August 20.

For updates following up to the movie premier, follow Origin Films on Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/user/OriginFilmsBrunei), Twitter (@yasminethemovie), Instagram (@yasminethemovie) and its Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/yasminethemovie.

The Brunei Times
Mon, 14 July 2014

Director of 'Yasmine' Siti Kamaluddin (Left). Photos: BT/Origin Films

Director of ‘Yasmine’ Siti Kamaluddin (Left). Photos: BT/Origin Films


‘Yasmine’, a Brunei’s film selected for 17th Shanghai Film Festival

film bru1Adib Noor

BRUNEI has caught the eyes of the film world with its much anticipated feature film, Yasmine, and has been selected to be screened at the 17th Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF).

The film, directed by the country’s very first female film director, Siti Kamaluddin, will be showcased at one of the programmes under the film festival, Film Panorama, along with hundreds of movies from different countries and regions.

These movies to be featured in Film Panorama have been chosen for their content, style and themes and have been either highly recommended by the organising committee or are global premieres.

SIFF is one the biggest film festivals in East Asia and has 35 selected star-level cinemas, which were approved to screen films during the Film Panorama, Asia’s biggest and most varied film festival programme. This year’s Shanghai-based festival will be held from June 14 to 22.

Yasmine features an all-star cast from the nation and the region. Local Liyana Yus, who plays the lead character of the movie, is joined by legendary Dato’ M Nasir and Soo Wincci from Malaysia and Indonesia’s Arifin Putra and Reza Rahadian among others.

Set to premier on August 21 in theatres in the Sultanate, Indonesia and Singapore, the movie media campaign is now in full swing with the launch of the “Yasmine Pose” Instagram Competition, where participants can stand a chance to win tickets to the Gala Premier.

The Brunei Times
Sunday, June 8, 2014

Local actress Liyana Yus plays the lead in Brunei's first feature film, Yasmine, which is set for general release on August 21 at theatres across Brunei, Indonesia and Singapore. Photo: Courtesy of Origin Films Sdn Bhd

Local actress Liyana Yus plays the lead in Brunei’s first feature film, Yasmine, which is set for general release on August 21 at theatres across Brunei, Indonesia and Singapore. Photo: Courtesy of Origin Films Sdn Bhd


Brunei’s ‘Yasmine’ official movie trailer now available

bru film yas postAdib Noor

ORIGIN Films has launched the official international trailer for the upcoming feature film, Yasmine.

The trailer will give both local and international movie goers a glimpse of what the first international feature film from Brunei has to offer.

The inaugural showing of the action packed two-minute trailer played at Times Cineplex at Times Square shopping centre, Berakas.

bru film yas scenePresent during the launching event were invited members of the media as well as Siti Kamaludin, Brunei’s first female film director and her dedicated team from Origin Films.

With the launch the official trailer can now be seen in cinemas nationwide and on the film’s official website, http://www.yasminethemovie.com.

Yasmine has been screened as an entry In the Hong Kong international Film and TV Market last March and Le Marche’ du Film’s Festival de Cannes earlier this month. It also has caught the attention of international media with articles featured in international magazines such as the Monocle from Britain, as well as articles in The Guardian and The Hollywood Reporter to name a few.

To find out more, visit its official website or follow their development via Twitter @yasminethemovieofficial, its Instagram, @yasminethemovie and its youtube channel, http://www.youtube.com/originfilmsbrunei.

The much anticipated international feature film directed by Brunei’s very own Siti Kamaludin is set for general release on August 21, 2014 and will be shown in theatres in Brunei, Indonesia and Singapore.

The Brunei Times
Saturday, May 31, 2014

Brunei’s first female film director, Siti Kamaludin (5th R)and her dedicated team from Origin Films during the official launch of YASMINE, Brunei's first International Feature Film. Photo: BT/Adib Noor

Brunei’s first female film director, Siti Kamaludin (5th R)and her dedicated team from Origin Films during the official launch of YASMINE, Brunei’s first International Feature Film. Photo: BT/Adib Noor